Gary, a welder

Gary Buttice, 69, left Columbia Basin College in the early 1960s to work as a welder on Ice Harbor Dam. Three dams and fifty years later, Buttice is among a few who remember the recording-breaking 115-degree heat, toil and camaraderie among the workers when building the John Day, Lower Monumental and Little Goose dams.

Gary with his 250cc Greeves

In his off time, Buttice competitively raced trials bikes. His collection of about twenty motorcycles includes the 250cc Greeves that he rode in his winning Tiger Canyon run. He also owned a 1963 Plymouth Sport Fury, which he traded in with a couple thousand dollars for the 1967 model that he still owns.

Gary's 1967 Plymouth Sport Fury

“I worked with a lot of interesting fellows that had been all over the world,” Buttice said. “That’s what I figured I’d do too. I had a brand new ’67 Plymouth and my trailer and I was still single and I thought I’d move around on these construction sites and see the world, (but then) I got tied up at (Walla Walla Community College) and that’s where I spent the rest of my career.”

Buttice headed the welding department at Walla Walla Community College for 32 years before retiring in 2000.