Gerry, a Dadaist

Gerald “Gerry” Matthews, 79, left Texas for New York City to pursue life as an actor.  He performed as a comic actor in New York supper clubs and cabarets, which eventually landed him the role as the voice of Sugar Bear, a cartoon mascot of Post Super Sugar Crisp cereal.  Of Matthew’s many characters, including the little man in the Ty-D-Bol commercials, Sugar Bear was his longest running role for nearly forty years.

In 1980, Matthews married Pat Stanley, a Broadway actress who won a Tony award for her performance in the musical “Goldilocks.”  After a brief move to Los Angeles, the couple packed up their belongings and drove around until they happened upon Walla Walla, where they have lived the past 20 years.

The Museum of Un-Natural History

Matthews opened the Museum of Un-Natural History in 2001, after he showcased his artwork downtown and decided that he didn’t want to haul the art back to his house.  The museum features his original artwork, inspired by artists of the early 20th century who embraced irony, satire and criticism into their work.