8 May


You might recognized Michael Jaramillo from his trademark hats, through his work at Valley Vision or from the restored vintage bikes he cruises the streets […]

10 Apr


Kurt Schoen, 46, made his first guitar ten years ago for his young daughters by stretching a rubber band across a Kleenex box. The second […]

20 Mar


Gary Buttice, 69, left Columbia Basin College in the early 1960s to work as a welder on Ice Harbor Dam. Three dams and fifty years […]

6 Mar


Tim Dewald, 43, spent eight years living on the streets up and down the West Coast after returning from the Gulf War in 1992. Dewald […]

20 Feb


Josefina Cruz, 77, was born in a small village in the state of Hidalgo, Mex., where her family lived without plumbing or electricity. She fondly […]

6 Feb


Gerald “Gerry” Matthews, 79, left Texas for New York City to pursue life as an actor.  He performed as a comic actor in New York […]

23 Jan


Janet Mallen enlisted in the Marines as a reporter during her senior year of high school. Mallen excelled as a sportswriter and editor, and was promoted […]

9 Jan


David Chase, 65, has one functioning artery for his heart.  Since May of last year, Chase has been on the national heart transplant waiting list.  […]

26 Dec


Alan Dawson’s recreational drug use during high school tailspinned into the abuse and addiction of methamphetamine, alcohol, cocaine and heroin.  Dawson, 52, was imprisoned several […]

18 Dec


Sue Gillespie, 68, and Mike Gillespie, 69, sadly watched Washington State University lose to rival University of Washington in the last game of the football […]

11 Dec


Stephen Kenyon, Muriel’s father, grew up knowing that his grandfather, James Otis Kenyon, had passed away long before he was born.  To his surprise, Stephen […]

4 Dec


Akira Takemoto, 62, once counted waves off the southern California coast to find the perfect swell for his surfboard. Now, he looks for different waves: […]